Welcome to Southern Lash Supply!  I am Crystal Boyd, owner of Southern Lash Supply, Lashbar Downtown, wife, and mom of two cutie pies!  I have been in the eyelash extension business for over 14 years and the beauty industry for over 16 years.  My career in the beauty industry started in Dallas, TX where I studied beauty and wedding makeup at the Jenny Tarver Makeup Academy while working for Columbia Cosmetics.  Working for a cosmetic manufacturer I learned a great deal about the ingredients in cosmetics and the steps to creating and building a line.  These opportunities ignited my passion for the cosmetic industry so I decided to advance my education in makeup artistry in Hollywood, CA.  While there, I became certified from the prestigious Joe Blasco School of Prosthetics, Special Effects, and Film Makeup.  For the following three years I had the most amazing time working on movies and TV shows, specializing in airbrush makeup making actors look flawless for the HD cameras!

In 2006 I moved to Greenville, South Carolina and quickly realized I needed a new plan for my career.  There were no film studios nearby and at the time the local population hadn't decided that having their makeup professionally applied was a necessity.  With my path not clear, I decided I needed to see what options were available in the beauty industry. I headed to one of the largest Cosmetology shows in the country in Chicago and discovered eyelash extensions.  Even though back in those days lashes had to be cut to the length needed individually and the adhesive took over a minute to dry per lash, I loved everything about them!  Shortly after taking a certification course I decided to continue my education in lashes and became a trainer for two eyelash extension retail companies.  Eventually, in 2013, with eyelash extensions exploding in popularity, I decided to open Lashbar Downtown.  Lashbar has been thriving for seven years. We have very successful stylists who value not only the quality of the lashes they apply but their client relationships they have built over the years.  It has always been very important to me to use high quality lash products so we can keep the application process at an elite level for our clients, since a high standard is the expectation.

Since the beginning of my career in lashes, I have had to purchase my products from many different suppliers at one time.  I had trouble finding all of the high quality lash products I needed in one place and it was also very difficult when products were either out of stock, backordered, or not shipped properly.  Especially with certain products being time and temperature sensitive, consistency was necessary.  Running low or out of product is extremely stressful in the lash business as there are not local lash suppliers or products just sitting in a salon supply store down the street to pick up.  I felt a very serious responsibility to my employees to ensure they had everything they needed to do their services and not having control over the availability was keeping me up at night.  With this, Southern Lash Supply was born. With the support of my husband and the help of my amazing stylists I have spent the past few years molding this product line into what I feel is an exceptional collection.  SLS strives to deliver high quality product across the board and promptly.  Your success is our success and we truly do care about giving our clients a quality experience and the tools you need to be at your best! I have been in your position waiting on product and not receiving consistent quality.  We want to help eliminate this unnecessary stress for you and be the place you trust for all of your lashing needs. Let me help you grow your business and love lashes as much as I do!