Why SLS Training? Because we truly care about your success!

Over the years I have watched lash companies come and go and I have even worked for a few different brands.  The one thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of training past learning to apply a lash.  What about removals?? Or touchups after the full set?? What if a client has an allergy to the adhesive and you don't know how to properly remove their extensions?  Many trainers do a basic one day class help you learn to apply a few lashes and then send you on your way.  The students have very little knowledge about problem solving and little to no continued education available.  The five page mini packet included only offers the basics and now you should be ready to go right?? I was definitely one of those students and had to painstakingly learn most of my skills on the job.  My goal as an educator and at SLS is to help students bypass many of the trial and error moments and have the support they need available after the initial course. We not only offer a mentoring program where students can message us with pictures and questions about specific issues but we also send them home with a very in depth 75 page manual that they can use as a reference as they start experiencing new situations. It's hard enough to start a new career so having as much information as possible in the beginning is gold!  Wishing all new lash artists a successful journey!